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Czech Republic,

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Czech Republic.
Czechs mull blanket ban on smoking in restaurants: report
The Czech Republic is contemplating a blanket ban on smoking in restaurants, a step that would put the country on par with many of its EU peers, Czech media said Thursday.
Prague Fuzion café at Vodickova
Studanka Cafe, near Resslova Street by Charles Square in Prague's New Town. (Quiet atmosphere)
The Allegro Restaurant in the Four Seasons Hotel is 100% smoke free, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Veleslavínova 2a/1098, Praha 1, Tel. 420 221 427 000  Fax. 420 221 426 000. It's pricey, but for those looking for an upscale, smoke-free option, this is the place! For each guest, expect to pay about 2,000 Czk ($90 USD) for an appetizer, main course and one or two glasses of wine, gratuity not included (10-15%). Reserve in advance:  there are two "tables for two" with a spectacular view of Prague Castle and Charles Bridge (illuminated at night). Thanks to Jim for this information (Caution: there are no guarantees that the lobby or a bar in the lobby will be smoke-free. Tobacco smoke may drift into unexpected air space.)










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