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It is our policy to list only
100% smoke-free
restaurants and bars
, but there is the possibility that some have changed their status, local laws have been reversed, they are simply non-compliant, or our information was just incorrect. 

If you find a restaurant or bar
on our list that is not
100% smoke-free,
contact us as soon as possible

     Some lists do not include addresses and phone numbers. Thank you.

       1.  The owner of this web site does not promote or encourage it's readers to patronize bars.  The misuse of alcoholic beverages is known to cause far too many accidents and deaths, and can result in alcoholism, harming individuals and their families. 

Please use alcoholic beverages cautiously.

2.  Web sites linked through this site do not necessarily reflect the views or attitudes of aka

Be sure to note in a city with a smoke-free restaurant or bar ordinance that some establishments may not be "technically" within the city limits. Check at the front desk before entering to be certain you will not have someone light up while you are dining.


Smoking causes a loss in revenue due to the fact that it takes 10 to 15 minutes to get 4 smokers up from the table.  Time is money, especially in the hospitality industry. 
[Phil - a retired restaurant
operator in Las Vegas.]

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